Mind Bending

The Rock In Rio Joke

Today begins one of the most popular rock festivals in the world, Rock in Rio. A mere detail is that, if you look at the schedule you will see that, what is most lacking in the festival is real Rock. Approximately 60% of the "big names" are not rock, it proves that the event has become extremely...

Here Comes The VimConf!

Hello everybody! I know I owe several articles here, but definitely I have to write about what I saw on the internet today! First of all, everybody meets Joey. What about him? Well, I’ll explain in just one image … VIM Rocks! He is organizing the VimConf, a virtual conference for VIM lovers from...

PyCon2011 Highlights: The Data Structures of Python

I’ll start this article the same way that Alex Gaynor (the speaker) began. "Who here remembers their CS data structure class?". Then he adds: "Who cares?". For those who learned to program in high level languages, data structures isn’t anything to worry. But for older people like me who started...