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Today begins one of the most popular rock festivals in the world, Rock in Rio. A mere detail is that, if you look at the schedule you will see that, what is most lacking in the festival is real Rock. Approximately 60% of the "big names" are not rock, it proves that the event has become extremely commercial. When Rock in Rio had an incarnation (six, to be more precise) outside Brazil I realized that this event was going down. For those who are not aware there were four "Rock in Rio" in Lisbon and 2 "Rock in Rio" in Madrid. Pure joke…

Rock In Rio

Brazilian Joke that says: Rock In Rio, I’m going… To stay at home, thanks.

What to do? I would suggest a Rock in Rio "Revival".

Revival?! But who?

If the organizers of this event actually had some engagement with the Rock nation they would try to resurrect one of the most memorable moments from this event, the Queen’s show from 1985. You’re probably thinking "but how?". Simple, calling the living members (Brian May and Roger Taylor) and a nice bass player to replace John Deacon. You must be wondering "but what about Freddie Mercury?", right? Well, Freddie Mercury has already reincarnated, I mean, at least his voice has:

Not convinced? So try this:

If I close my eyes I can believe that (based on the voice) Marc Martel is really the new Freddie Mercury… Of course, after all this we must have the original:

If I had influence enough I would start a movement to boycott this joke called Rock in Rio.



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