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I’m just a simple man graduated in Telecommunication Engineering graduation and Post-graduated in Object Oriented System Analysis who likes to write about technology, specially FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and GNU/Linux.

My first contact with GNU/Linux was at work by the age of 19, the company I worked in used GNU/Linux as network servers (FTP, Web, Proxy, DHCP and DNS). After that, I had some university assignments which involved GNU/Linux. By the end of my graduation (beginning of 2006) I achieved totally freedom with Debian in my personal computer. It took me some time to get used to it but it wasn’t so hard as I thought.

My first contact with software development for Linux happened during my graduation thesis. I was trying to aggregate basic network services (DHCP, static routing, dynamic routing and firewall) in a Linux box. My software (develop in C/C++) was composed by a server - responsible to provide a centralized way to configure all these services - and a client - a simple GUI witch helped the client to configure the Linux box.

My projects

In 2008 I started studying Python and get amazed with that language. In less then a month I gave my first steps with pyGTK and created a simple plugin for Exaile Music Player called CoverSync. It was my first FOSS contribution.

Later I started a new project, created to solve a problem I was facing: rename an USB flash drive. I called it USBManager. I can’t say it’s a great success, but at least it’s being used :).

Nowadays, I spend my spare time developing my new projects:

A remote connection manager with support for storing password.
A plotting library which aims to create stylish graphics.
A graphic installer for the Arch Linux distribution.

All my projects are FOSS, license with LGPL and are hosted at GitHub or launchpad, except for ConverSync which is at GoogleCode.

Other things

I’m also an amateur Mangá drawer and a musician. maybe in future I’ll post some of my drawings. About my music… Well, I play a 4 string Bass, Cort GB-74. I don’t think I’ll ever post something related with it but you can see some references to it at my profile.


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