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In April this year Linux Foundation announced a video contest to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the operating system GNU/Linux.

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According to the Foundation, the video should "celebrate Linux while demonstrating the impact of the operating system on computing, business and/or culture over the last 20 years and today". The winner will be announced ar LinuxCon 2011, taking place from 17 to 19 August 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver, Canada.

The Linux Foundation itself has created a video entitled "The Story of Linux" to celebrate 20 years of Linux, see below:

Now the interesting fact, Microsoft made a video called "Microsoft Just Want To Say Happy Birthday" to apply for the contest:

Note: For those that doesn’t understood the "halloween" part, read this link.

Considering the contest rules listed above, I imagine that the video won’t win because it doesn’t show the impact of Linux in the world, he portrayed only the impact of Linux over Windows and the relationship between the two.

Beside all this, the video is very interesting because it shows that despite the rivalry that was, and still is, between Windows and GNU/Linux Microsoft recognizes that they have underestimated Linux at some point and indicates a "possible truce".

If I were Tux, I’d run a toxicological analysis on that cake. And you readers, what do you think that Microsoft hid in that cake?



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