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Hello, this is a very quick post just to inform you that now the Mind Bending Blog has a Facebook page! In fact it was created a cuple of days ago, but only now I got time to advertise it. You must be thinking that this isn’t a notable thing, after all, everyone has Facebook, right? Wrong…

Redes Sociais

The small detail is that I don’t have the slightest vocation for "social networks inhabitant"! The closest thing to a social network that I use is GitHub and Doode! A few months ago I ended up giving in to these social networks, and now I have a Facebook Page and a Google+ Profile, beyond Twitter that I already use to promote my articles. So, why did I changed?! All because I realized that almost no one still uses RSS feeds nowadays (just me), what people do is to like a Facebook page or follow someone on Twitter and thus begin to receive updates.

So if you’re a fan of GNU/Linux, Arch Linux, games, Rock n ‘Roll, programming, VIM, database and etc., give me a "like" in the facebook page and/or follow me on twitter or Google+, so you can receive the blog updates and encourage me to keep the good work.

That’s it folks!



Graduated in Telecommunication Engineering, but currently working with GNU/Linux infrastructure and in the spare time I'm an Open Source programmer (Python and C), a drawer and author in the Mind Bending Blog.


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