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Game Over

Game Over

Hey everybody! It’s been a long time since my last post. I believe I made a good startup in this blog but suddenly abandoned so I want to justify my disappearance. Recently I got married, had a big change in my job (Mainframes, arg! How I miss bash… ) and "lost" my main project name. I think this justifies a lot, doesn’t it?!

About the "project name", I just found out that name Beholder is already in use in another open source project. So I started searching for a new name. It needed to be as cool as Beholder. Also I wanted a strong and meaningful name. So I found it, Tiamat. I’ll update the project’s page soon explaining about the name and the reasons.


Tiamat is awsome!

Also, recently I started looking for a good Python IDE again. I’ve tested a couple of softwares and finally made my choice. The same that I used back in 2007: VIM. Later, in a post, I’ll explain how I ran into VIM, why I leaved and how I came back. I just have 2 words for this:


VIM rocks!!!

So my absence is justified. I’ll be back soon…



Graduated in Telecommunication Engineering, but currently working with GNU/Linux infrastructure and in the spare time I'm an Open Source programmer (Python and C), a drawer and author in the Mind Bending Blog.


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