Mind Bending

Hello there, and welcome to Mind Bending!

I’m pleased to announce the beginning of this blog! Many must be wondering who am I, so I posted a brief description of who I am and what I do here. In advance I’ll say that I’m no important person and I don’t master anything, I’ll just use this blog to post some news I found relevant, as a journal to my projects and to document some nice things I found out. I’ll commonly post about things related to FOSS and GNU/Linux that I like, lots of Python codes, games and sporadically something about drawings.

Before someone asks, "why Mind Bending". Well, mind bending have many definitions:

  1. Something very difficult to understand; complex;
  2. Strenuous mind activity;
  3. Something that intensely alters one’s state of consciousness and mind;

This explains the logo too…

Mind Bending Logo

Is it correct?!

Also, bend something is to change its shape. So, in this blog I intend to bend my mind during the search for knowledge and as a result, bend the mind of the readers.

I invite everyone to follow me (and why not help me) in this long path. I’ll try to bend Python, GNU/Linux, GTK, software development, FOSS community and others. As I said, I’m not an important person or a great Hacker, I’m just trying to make my part in helping others and myself, in consequence. As an Open Source and Free Software believer I’m willing to help people and projects. So if you have a project which need some help, and you think I’m capable, I’ll be honored to help you. The inverse is also valid, If you’re interested in helping me or just have some doubt contact me!

This blog is kindly hosted at the CodeCommunity project. CodeCommunity ain’t born yet, but it won’t be a portal about FOSS and GNU/Linux like all others. It will be a centralized area for teaching, learning, blogging, development, hosting, debating and publishing. It will address many issues and share all kinds of informations to the world providing, an free and open knowledge. CodeCommunity will enable the offer of free alternatives for every closed solution existing in the actual market, fighting against this capitalist, fascist, sadistic and inhuman  society that we have today.

Oh, almost forget! Since I’m from Brazil you may find some English mistakes, I apologize myself in advance. Also, I’ll post in 2 languages using separated posts.



Graduated in Telecommunication Engineering, but currently working with GNU/Linux infrastructure and in the spare time I'm an Open Source programmer (Python and C), a drawer and author in the Mind Bending Blog.


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