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A great news for us that love GNU/Linux and free software: Android and Chrome Browser have survived the Pwn2Own hacking contest.  It’s interesting to notice that both are from Google.

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Pwn2Own is a hacking contest held annually during the CanSecWest security conference where competidors win any systems that they successfully take control. In this contest many security experts and hackers tries to break into devices and obtain full control. During contest in this year they used many Operations Systems (Chrome OS, Windows 7 and Mac OS X) and platforms (PCs, notebooks and smartphones).

As detailed in International Business Times the "survivors" from the Pwn2Own contest are:

  • Chrome Browser on a Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook;
  • An Android Smartphone (with no details);
  • A Windwos Phone 7 (also with no details).

The technique used to break in and take control of those devices are not published due to security issues.



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